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Row Houses

Posted by archidrawing on January 14, 2011

This perspective represents a frontal view of some row houses. Seemingly, this is a one-point perspective drawing, but you can observe how the roof lines go to another vanishing point, and not to the one visible on the horizon line. This point helped drawing the direction of the roof’s shingle. It can be found by constructing the perspective lines of the roof’s margins and elongating them until they intersect, and where they intersect is the second vanishing point. This point must be on the same vertical as the first vanishing point established when I have started the drawing. So we can talk about a main vertical line where we can place as many vanishing points as we need to describe all the different plans that we have in this kind of drawings (two parallel plans use the same vanishing point). The reason the point appears is that the roof’s plan is not vertical and if the windows on the wall have horizontal and vertical lines only, the shingle’s lines must converge to that vanishing point. It’s like taking the wall’s plan and rotate it toward the observer. If the roof had some skylights (and we wanted a detailed, built perspective), we were facing the third vanishing point where the lines of the skylight’s thickness (visible at the skylight’s corners) converge. This third point will also be situated on the same vertical line with the other two vanishing points. We can consider the frontal plan having a vanishing point placed at infinity, therefor the vertical lines in this plan are parallel in perspective and perpendicular on the horizon line. Note that the horizontal lines in both roof and wall plans must be parallel with the main horizon line.

4 Responses to “Row Houses”

  1. batikmania said

    Very nice picture, neat and clean. Wish my secondary students can make such pictures 😉 (hehe… maybe not this year. They still need to practice a lot until they reach the quality of drawing like the one you make in this post)

  2. alcarmagic said

    Can I say I how much I like your cloud technique. It is a method I am now working on as I have just gone back to coloured pencils after a twenty year absence due to my career as a magician took priority. I had been working on a similar concept but your method beat all my ideas. The only contrtibution I would like to make is rather then wiping your cotton balls from hatching, use eye liner blocks. They come in many various shades of blue, plus other colours, and you have a direct souce to work with. I hope this is helpful.

    Peter Stammers ( Alcar)

    • Thank you, I am really glad you like it :). However, the video is kind of outdated. I don’t use the blue pencils anymore as I found that the soft pastels are far better. I will record another video, as soon as I have the time. Thank you for the tip, I will try the eye liner blocks, too. 🙂

  3. alcarmagic said

    Just been pointed out by my wife that I should have said eye shadow – Sorry about that!:)

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