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Posted by archidrawing on February 13, 2011

This is an interior design drawing. This is a one point perspective where i tried to simulate the real view of the room. I think one of the main facts that contribute to the realistic side of a drawing is the lack of lines. In drawing, lines are used to help separating two color tones, to suggest a certain texture (ex: wall brick) and, of course, to represent the perspective structure through construction lines, but in reality we do not see lines. If we tend to eliminate these lines when we do not need them anymore, and try to put more accent upon the color tones, we tend to make the drawing more realistic. To get rid of lines is why a lot of artists use different drawing techniques such as oil painting. A drawing made with pencils can be more realistic if we use blending, like portrait artists do. That’s what i used here to vanish the initial hatch, and it only took me about five minutes.
The reflection on the floor is darkened to remove the impression that the furniture stays on a mirror. So I suggested the reflection only by respecting the shape of what lays above the floor.


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